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This Web Portfolio will give you an inside look on the ideas, creativity and different web design techniques used to develop a web site.

Design Process

  1. Interviewing client
  2. Researching competitors’ web sites
  3. Researching keywords for Search Engine Optimization
  4. Creating new banner/header and color palette
  5. Creating new Cascading Style Sheet and XHTML
  6. Expanding web site and target audience (marketing strategy)
  7. Revising and updating information
  8. Reworking all photos in Photoshop (photo editing and optimization)

Latest Web Site Design: Celebrating Our Pets

Celebrating Our Pets Web Site

If you have a pet or just love animals then you will love this web site!
Celebrating Our Pets web site celebrates our pets’ spirits with pet stories, articles, announcements, pet gallery and so much more.
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